The Group

In addition to being a major player in property appraisal, COAFRIS EVALUATION is part of the REAXIS GROUP.

The REAXIS GROUP, and its near 180 employees, brings together leading companies in satellite professions to that of property appraisal.


Today, the group offers several additional services through its different companies in order to address the issue of customer risk management.




Our group solutions:

Third-party investigations

Land registration

Property valuation

Computer engineering

Insurance investigation

Fire investigation




"Our intention: bringing together individuals, their skills and their professions, in order to address the issue of customer risk management in the professions of banking and insurance."



Key figures of the Group

  • Capital: €2,768K
  • Registered office: Montbazon (37)
  • Workforce: 180 employees

The Group’s subsidiaries

ATER : Leader in third-party investigations

Created in 1984, ATER is the pioneer of its profession. It offers a range customised range of searching for natural persons and companies, ranging from a simple address, the search for life-insurance beneficiaries or bank account holders to solvency research. Its B2B clientele comes from many domains: banking, insurance, legal professions, credit, collection, genealogy, telephony, energy, SME/SMI.

Its main search services are:

  • Tracking of debtor, heir, notary
  • Search for professional situation
  • Identification of assets
  • Search for inactive bank account holder
  • Search for escheated life-insurance beneficiary
  • Successional search
  • Solvency study, successional intelligence, etc. land registration specialist is the trading name of SAS COFARIS FONCIERE.

Created in 1995, is a service company dedicated to professionals banking and legal professionals as well as to private individuals. The services offered are managed live on the website, designed in order to be easy to use and support customers in their approaches to the land registration service. offers different services such as mortgage requisition, analysis of tax documents, copy of deed of sale or tax document... is an access guide to land registration.

Cofaris Evaluation: property appraisal, specialist in the area of access to Legal Property Information, also has several years of property valuation service in order to offer to a professional clientele an effective solution for valuing immovable properties objectively and following the regulatory principles.

Following an increase in this activity and faced with the growing demand of its customers, we have decided to create a separate organisation, COFARIS EVALUATION, thus allowing our teams of valuers to solely devote themselves to property valuation.

atersi: computer engineering specialist

Created in 2010 and directly integrated into the Group, atersi is an organisation that is specialised in the computer development of internal and extranet tools. Currently employing 5 developers, the mission of atersi is to devote part of its projects to the development of internal software for the Group’s companies by guaranteeing a suitable result for the different professions of them, without investing in subcontractors. Another part of its developments is dedicated to customers from the world of insurance.

AGRECO : third-party investigation Parisian company

Created in 1992, AGRECO is a research company based in Île de France on a human scale. It integrated the Group in 2007, whilst keeping its independence and portfolio of loyal customers.

Oi2R Insurance Investigation : insurance investigation leader

A company always having favoured closeness with its customers, Oi2R has developed a solid relationship of trust with the major names in insurance. With its experienced employees, formerly in the police force and/or member of the ALFA network, Oi2R brings the vision of the field to its customers. Created in 1998, Oi2R integrated the Group at the end of 2012 and takes on a group dimension by acquiring new resources in order to respond even more effectively to the demand of its customers.

The main tools that Oi2R offers are:

  • Property damage
  • Fires
  • Car
  • Personal insurance
Oi2R - RCCI : fire investigation

This society proposes a global solution regarding fire investigation. You benefit from an environmental and/or financial survey and from a legal opinion.

Professionals' team of Oi2R RCCI brings you experience and know how to make in the analysis of your files.

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