Cofaris Evaluation expert immobilier certifié CNEI

Created more than 50 years ago, the CNEI federates women and men gathered around the jobs by "the real estate expertise" today.

Conscious of the new requirements that impose the evolution of techniques and the standards, the CNEI groups specialists who intervene in various domains: town planning, analysis of grounds, pollutants of the building, the pathology of the building, the co-ownership, the sustainable development, the commercial lease, the risk management, the real estate evaluation.

So, the pooling of these skills allows to approach the "real estate value" exactly.

The CNEI assures the guarantee of a coverage of the legitimate interests of all the thirds which use the services of his experts, and this whoever is the field of intervention.

Besides, the professionals please by the Company act in any independence.

They take advantage(boast) in particular for the most part of the recommendations contained in the " Charter of the expertise in real estate evaluation ".

Actually, the division(sharing) and the exchange of the knowledge and the information implemented(operated) within the CNEI, allow a precise, rigorous approach and complete handled questions.

Ethics, methodology and confidentiality : Our partners and certifications